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FULTON CEMETERY, Fulton, Itawamba County, Mississippi

An Inventory of Names on the Grave Markers and Links to Photographs of the Grave Markers Found in Fulton Cemetery May 13, 2010

by Terry Thornton

Fulton, county seat of Itawamba County, Mississippi, has a cemetery close to the downtown area. That cemetery is known as Fulton Cemetery. The two photographs below show the general nature of the cemetery which is located on the north side of East Main Street (Highway 178) near the intersection of South Adams Street (see map below).

The well maintained cemetery grounds makes for easy walking although the burial ground is on the side of a hill. A cemetery driveway provides parking. Several grave markers are broken and unreadable; several graves have been lost because no permanent marker remains; and a few markers have names of individuals who may not be buried in Fulton Cemetery. Researchers are advised to view the grave marker photographs to determine full names, relationships, complete date of birth, complete date of death, as well as to validate the accuracy of this transcription.

There are approximately 460 names on grave markers in Fulton Cemetery and they are from about 160 different surnames many of whom are early settlers of the county which was organized in 1836. The earliest grave in Fulton Cemetery noted on this inventory is for the 1836 burial of Hettie Anderson Cates. Fulton Cemetery continues to receive burials.

The inventory which follows was completed by a transcription of the words and dates on the photographs of the grave markers. Those photographs were taken May 13, 2010. An alphabetized list of those names contains the following information:
  • Surname
  • Given name or initials
  • Year of birth
  • Year of death
  • Name of cemetery
  • Image number which is a link to the photograph of the marker (click link to view; select larger image sizes for great detail)
Material not on the grave marker is inserted within brackets [ ].

Abbreviations used in the inventory include nd (no dates); nod (no other date); abt (about).

Again, researchers are cautioned to view the photographs of the grave markers for complete dates as well as to determine additional information from the marker not included in this inventory.

Please help to improve this inventory of Fulton Cemetery. Report broken links, errors and omissions in the list to the email address above or post a comment below. Your help is most appreciated and encouraged.

Click the following links to access the inventory of Fulton Cemetery.
Fulton Cemetery Map adapted from
Fulton Cemetery Photographs, Terry Thornton, May 13, 2010.

Fulton Cemetery Inventory and Grave Marker Photographs copyright © 2010. William T. "Terry" Thornton, Fulton, Mississippi. All Rights Reserved.

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