Saturday, March 20, 2010

Asbury Cemetery: An Introduction --- Map, General Photos, and a Video

by Terry Thornton

Asbury/Cadamy Cemetery is located in the community of Cadamy, Itawamba County, Mississippi. The cemetery is across the road from Asbury United Methodist Church and lies along Mississippi Highway 23 approximately 3.6 miles south of the Town of Tremont (and about 2.6 miles south of U.S. Highway 78).

Below is a map showing the general area of the church and cemetery (map snippet from official Itawamba County Highway Map available at Click for a larger view.

The Asbury United Methodist Church is at the intersection of Horn's Crossing Road and Highway 23; the cemetery, across the road from the church, is bordered by those two roads. Both the church and cemetery are easily found from Highway 23. There is off-road parking accessible from Horn's Crossing Road or parking is available in the church's parking lot.

A short video was made in the cemetery on March 17, 2010. Click the start button below on the screen to view.

For an alphabetized list of names on the grave markers at Asbury Cemetery, click here.

Photographs, video, and index of names from the cemetery, copyright c 2010, William T. "Terry" Thornton, Fulton, Mississippi. All Rights Reserved.

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