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Little Cemetery: Inventory of burials

Inventory of names transcribed from grave markers in the cemetery

March 17, 2010

by Terry Thornton

The following inventory of those buried at Little Cemetery was transcribed from the grave markers found in the cemetery on March 17, 2010. Each grave marker was photographed and the names were transcribed from enlargements of those images. A link to all of the photographs is provided. Researchers are advised to view the images to determine accuracy of names, to extract complete dates, as well as to determine relationships of individuals.

No claim is made that this is a complete list of burials at Little Cemetery. In fact, it appears that many more burials there are in unmarked than marked grave with readable stones. Further, many small broken markers are lying flat and covered with a thick layer of leaves. Additional markers may be found beneath the forest rubble.

The inventory consists of surname, given name, year of birth, year of death, name of cemetery, and image number of the grave marker photograph. Material inserted is included in brackets; nod means "no other date"; nd means "no dates"; and abt means "about." Click the image number to view the photographs filed at Flickr.

ALDRIDGE, E.R., 1878, 1879, Little Dist.4, img 5005

BIBBY, Columbus, 1884, 1888, Little Dist.4, img 5023

BIBBY, Sarah, 1862, 1897, Little Dist.4, img 5020

CANTRELL, Aaron, 1828, 1905, CSA marker Little Dist.4, img 5022

CANTRELL, Lavurn, 1907, 1911, Little Dist.4, img 5013

CANTRELL, Nancy Rebecca, 1864, 1943, Little Dist.4, img 5016

CLAY, J.B., 1882, 1923, Little Dist.4, img 5006

COBINS, Zeffer, 1857, 1863, Little Dist.4, img 5051

CREEL, Isaac N., 1851, 1916, Little Dist.4, imgs 4993 and 4994

CREEL, J.D., 1837, 1920, Little Dist.4, img 4996

CREEL, Nancy Ann, 1852, 1906, Little Dist.4, img 4991

CREEL, Ovis Wendell, 1907, 1908, Little Dist.4, img 4990

CREEL, Polly Ann, 1848, 1890, Little Dist.4, img 4995

DICKINSON, Amanda Ellen, 1841, 1919, Little Dist.4, img 4999

DICKINSON, Cora O., 1876, 1878, Little Dist.4, img 5000

DICKINSON, W.W., 1843, 1925, Little Dist.4, img 4998

INGLE, Marcus, 1887, 1903, Little Dist.4, img 4989

LITTLE, Fannie, 1865, 1939, Little Dist.4, img 5037

LITTLE, Florinda S., 1846, 1923, Little Dist.4, imgs 5032 and 5034

LITTLE, J.B., 1842, 1915, Little Dist.4, imgs 5032 and 5036

OLIVER, J. Henry, died March 1936, nod, Little Dist.4, img 4988

OLIVER, Minerva Jane, died 1950, nod, Little Dist.4, img 4987

PLUNKETT, Jonathan, nd, CSA marker, Little Dist.4, img 4997

RIDLY, Ann, 1860, 1886, Little Dist.4, img 5048

RITTER, Anderson, 1797, 1873, Little Dist.4, img 5025

ROSE, Henry L., 1870, 1879, Little Dist.4, img 5008

ROSE, Jennie L., 1850, 1878, Little Dist.4, img 5007

ROSE, Mary Dutchess, 1874, 1879, Little Dist.4, img 5011

ROSE, Mattie Felin, 1877, 1879, Little Dist.4, img 5010

ROSE, S.P., [abt 1812], died 1877, age 65 years, Little Dist.4, img 5009

ROSE, Susan, 1880, 1883, Little Dist.4, img 5012

STREETMAN, D.O., 1831, 1908, Little Dist.4, img 5031

STREETMAN, David O., 1831, 1908, CSA marker, Little Dist.4, img 5058

STREETMAN, Lura, 1879, 1893, Little Dist.4, img 5027

STREETMAN, Martha J., 1840, 1910, Little Dist.4, img 5031

STREETMAN, Nancy Jane, 1867, 1869, Little Dist.4, img 5026

WHEELER, Nathan T., 1837, 1909, Little Dist.4, imgs 5001 and 5002

YOUNG, Phebe D., 1800, 1883, Little Dist.4, img 5024

For a map to the cemetery and additional general photographs, click here.

For a short video of the cemetery showing its general layout and condition, click here.

Additional reading: An earlier inventory of the burials at Little Cemetery by Patricia Horne is most helpful. Her May 2005 inventory is posted at

Also the 1970s transcription of Little Cemetery by Betty Burton-Cruber, Cemetery Markings, should be consulted.

Index and grave marker photographs copyright © 2010. William T. "Terry" Thornton, Fulton, Mississippi. All Rights Reserved.

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